Exploring Turtle Bay in Vanuatu

Turtle bay is a bay located in Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu. This place becomes one of the most interesting sites for tourist destinations in the country. Near the bay, there are also many accommodations including Turtle bay lodge. So, you can relax there during your holiday. There are many attractions around the bay and you can also do many interesting & fun activities.

The Location of Turtle Bay

This place is strategic enough. You can find it easily. If you are from Luganville, you can drive a car or a taxi in about 20 minutes only. This is near wonderful East coast blue holes. Besides that, it is also half way to the beautiful Northern beaches.

Location and Address Turtle Bay Vanuatu Luganville Turtle Bay Reviews Swim With Turtles Vanuatu Turtle Bay LodgeExperiences at Turtle Bay

What are fun things to do at Turtle Bay? While going vacation, you can relax into Santo lifestyle. Everyone who visits this bay will feel excited because every day will be fun and pleasing. Here are some experiences you can get there:

1. Blue Holes

Turtle Bay Espiritu Santo SanmaNear the bay, you can find some blue holes. One of them is Nanda Blue Hole (aka Jacquie’s Blue Hole). The distance is near each other. So, you can explore them all. At the blue holes, you can go swimming and snorkeling under the clear blue water of the lagoons. The blue holes are also surrounded by beautiful views for more attractive look.

2. Kayaks

Activities in Turtle Bay Vanuatu What to doTo explore the bay, you can use kayak. Here, you will be accompanied by the guide. While exploring the bay using a kayak, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery around it. This place is really peaceful. So, it is recommended so much for you who want to refresh mind.

3. Snorkeling the Reef

Turtle Bay Vanuatu Tourist Attractions Tours Trip AccomodationsNot far from the bay, there is a beautiful beach called Champagne Beach. At this beach, you can go snorkeling and see the beautiful reefs under the clear water. Besides that, you can also relax at the resort near the beach after exploring the reefs. When snorkeling, you will also see colorful fish around the reefs.

4. Swimming Pool

Turtle Bay Resort VanuatuThe lodge near the bay provides a swimming pool. You can go swimming and relax at the resort. Near the pool, there are also some gazebos that can be comfortable places to enjoy foods and drinks. It is perfect for a lazy traveller to enjoy the holiday.

Bar and Restaurants near Turtle Bay

Things to do at Turtle Bay Espiritu Santo Island Turtle Bay Lodge SantoAfter exploring Turtle Bay attractions, you can hunt foods and drinks. There are a recommended restaurant and bar near it called Salty Dog Bar & Restaurant. This restaurant provides extensive menus and daily specials every day.

There is also open-air deck over the water with beautiful view. The menus use organic fruits & vegetables as well as seafood gotten from local fishermen. Besides that, it is also free Wi-Fi so that you can enjoy your foods longer. This place is perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Besides that, it also serves various drinks like the common bars. For example, you can enjoy beer or cocktail. Some fine wines are also available at the bar. So, after playing water at the bay, you can warm your body at this bar while enjoying your desired drinks.

Turtle bay is a bay located in Vanuatu. This place becomes one of the most beautiful sites for tourist destinations in Santo Island, Sanma Province, Vanuatu, South Pacific.