SS President Coolidge: Special Dive Site in Vanuatu

SS President CoolidgeThe SS President Coolidge is a special dive. Located in Espiritu Santo, Sanma Province, Vanuatu, this dive site becomes the world’s miracle calling the lovers of dive around the world. Combination of greatest landscape with chilly atmosphere will welcome everyone who is going to there.

How to Go There?

How To Go To SS President Coolidge Best Way To Get There SS President Coolidge Wreck Location Address Access Directions SS President Coolidge Santo VanuatuFor the international flight, you could start your journey by visiting the Port Villa, as the International Airport of Vanuatu. Of course, you may start it with any route from your country. When you were arrived at the Port Villa, you may continue your journey with next flight.

From Port Villa, you need to have next journey with the different plane. The second flight will bring you to the Espiritu Santo –near the dive site. It needs around an hour flight. After it, you may continue the journey with taxi or other mass transportations. It just less than an hour from the Espiritu Santo to go to ss President Coolidge as dive site.

Interesting Matters of President Coolidge

SS President Coolidge Dive Site SS President Coolidge Photos Images Pictures Dive SS President Coolidge Espiritu SantoThere are some reasons why going to this place –although it is so far from your country, will be an interesting journey. For the first, you need to know that this place is the one of largest and mysterious shipwrecks in the world. The history said that the shipwreck happened during WWII. Of course, by diving in this place, you will see the inheritance of big war.

In other hand, Santo –the place of the dive site, is a home of highest mountain in Vanuatu. There are some great mountains there, as Mt. Tabwemasana, Mt. Tawaloala, Santo Peak and others. Kinds of mountains offer great scenery and challenges for those who love climbing.

Like Million Dollar Point, President Coolidge wreck dive site is –of course, special by its wonderful sea world. The sea in Vanuatu is very clean and there are beautiful fishes and coral reefs to enjoy. Diving in Santo, Vanuatu will deliver new experiences and it is unforgettable!

What to Do?

SS President Coolidge Activities Things To Do And See Travel Guide Information About SS President Coolidge Depth Best Time To Dive Accommodation Hotel Contact Number Open Hours Entrance Fee Ticket Price PADI Pacific Dive SS President CoolidgeIn the President Coolidge Dive Site, of course, diving becomes the special menu to do. There are many beautiful spots of dive to explore, especially the location of the shipwreck. Visitors do not need to worry about the dive equipment because there are many agents providing any kind of it. You could rent it.

In other hand, Santo, Vanuatu is also famous with its beautiful long beach. The ling white sands will welcome you in your arrival. For those who want to enjoy the afternoon with enjoying sunset, there are many spots available to enjoy. Of course, enjoying sunset also could be the relax time after diving.

Then, as we have said before, the location of President Coolidge Dive Site also becomes the home of highest mountain in Vanuatu. For those who love nature, of course it will be very best idea of holiday. Climbing could be another activity to do here. By doing climbing, of course, you will be able to explore the beauty of Santo, Vanuatu from the higher place.

In Santo, you also will meet the friendly local residents. They have many greatest local cultures, foods, traditions and others, which will be nice to increase the beauty inside the holiday.