Riri Blue Hole: Secret Paradise in Vanuatu

Friday, March 8th, 2019 - Sanma

Riri Blue HoleRiri Blue Hole is one of the popular blue holes or blue lagoons located in Espiritu Santo, Sanma Province, Vanuatu. It is not far from Luganville (Vanuatu’s second largest city).

You can reach this place around 22 kilometers from Luganville. If you drive a car, it will take about 30 minutes. On the left side of the road, you will find the entrance of this blue hole. The beauty of this blue hole makes it considered as a hidden heaven in the south pacific. Riri Blue Hole Luganville Riri Blue Hole Location Address Access Directions Riri Blue Hole How To Go Best Way To Get There

How to Enter Riri Blue Hole

Actually, there are 2 ways if you want to enter this blue hole. The first is by walking. It will be really tiring. However, there is an alternative way with outrigger canoe.

The second one is more recommended even though you need to pay a little extra money for it. For your information, the entry fee is 500 vatu and the outrigger canoe also cost the same. So, you cannot skip this chance to experience this. Riri Blue Hole Santo Riri Blue Hole Photos Images Pictures Travel Guide Information About Riri Blue Hole Accommodation Hotel Restaurant Cafe Resort Homestay Contact Number Open Hours Entrance Fee Ticket Price

About Riri Blue Hole

At Riri River Blue Hole Vanuatu, you will be accompanied by a local ni-Van as a guide. He will paddle the canoe while you enjoy the scenery and serenity there. Compared to Nanda Blue Hole, this one is less developed.

There is a small concrete walkway that surrounds one edge only and the rest is a tropical jungle. You will also find a diving deck & rope that make this place more fun. It has cloudier blue water than Nanda Blue Hole. Even though the underwater view will not that awesome, you will have an awesome time to spend there. Riri Blue Hole Vanuatu Riri Blue Hole Best Time To Visit Weather Cost Review Riri Blue Hole Activities Things To Do And See

The Adventure at Riri Blue Hole

Your adventure will be started by travelling the river quietly & peacefully. You can only hear the sounds of birds. They are Nayuiba birds. Many people in this village hunt those birds and they taste like younger roosters.

When it turns to the corner, you will find how amazing this blue hole is. The water will change into the prettiest shade of blue. This water color is really unique. There are 2 blue holes which make up Riri. The first is 5 meters in depth whereas the second one is 10 meters. At the bottom, there is mineral water that gushes into the blue hole.

Riri Blue Hole trip is continued after you arrive to a set of stairs. You should disembark & climb to a platform. The handmade platform is slippery so that you have to be careful. There is also a rope swing where you can jump up onto if you want and you will reach the middle of this blue hole. The water temperature is about 24 degrees of Celsius. The cold water is really refreshing and the clean water makes it just awesome.

For you who love swimming, you can go swimming and explore this blue hole as far as possible. After you feel satisfied, you can go back and have some meals. There are some places to enjoy foods near this beautiful blue hole.