Nanda Blue Hole – Go Snorkeling under the Clearest Blue Water

Sunday, February 17th, 2019 - Sanma

In Vanuatu, there are some spectacular blue holes and Nanda Blue Hole is one of them. Some people call it as Jacquie’s Blue Hole related to Jacquie & his family.

For your information, this family wants to share this wonderful nature with the Espiritu Santo Island. Now, it becomes more and more popular so that many tourists visit this place especially in the weekends or holiday. You can also kayak to this blue hole from Turtle Bay (about 2 hours), by car about 10 minutes.

Address East Coast Road, Natawa, Espiritu Santo, Sanma, Vanuatu
Contact +678 22123
Distance from Riri Blue Hole: 9.5 km / 5.9 miles
Distance from Matevulu Blue Hole: 9.8 km / 6.1 miles
Distance from Luganville: 27.2 km / 16.9 miles
Distance from Champagne Beach: 23.8 km / 14.8 milesNanda Blue Hole Vanuatu How To Go And Travel To Nanda Blue Hole Best Way To Get There Address Directions Location Map

The Beautiful Scenery of Nanda Blue Hole

This blue hole is located in the east coast of Santo, Sanma Province (half way between Champagne Beach & Luganville). It is around 30 kilometers. If you drive a car, it will be about 45 minutes. On the right side, you will find the entrance. So, if you want to enter this place, you have to enter from this side. You will see a small house beside the entrance. That is the place where you have to pay the entry fee for 1000 Vatu (Vatu : the currency of Vanuatu).

After that, you need to go down through the small dirt road about a few hundred meters. Then, you will reach a small car park. Now, you will continue to see Nanda Blue Hole scenery. About 50 meters walk, you will find incredible blue water. You can see how clear the water is. Compared to the other blue holes in Santo, this has the clearest water. So, you can see the scenery underwater.

Surrounded by good wooden boardwalk, you can watch many mosquitos there. The wooden boardwalk can be used for sunbake. This blue hole has 10 meter deep for the deepest point. Because of the clear water, you can see straight down to the blue holes bottom literally.

Some fish usually swim under the boardwalk. If you want to be closer to the fish, you can go snorkeling. However, make sure that you wear the complete snorkeling equipment.

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The Clear Blue Water of Nanda Blue Hole

Nanda Blue Hole Vanuatu is well known with its very clear blue water. The water owes its blueness to red absorption in the color spectrum. The purer and deeper the water, it will look deeper blue.

The water will always appear blue and clear even the rain comes. So, anytime you visit this place, you will always be able to see the clear blue water.

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Nanda Blue Hole Features

Like the other common picnic places, this outstanding tourist attraction also offers some interesting features. One of them is a bungalow that is built around this place. A changing room and toilet is also available.

Besides that, you can also find a little cafe to have meals and drinks. You can also enjoy using the boardwalk there. Last but not least, of course it offers a picnic area that is designed for day trippers.

If you are a thrill seeker, there is also a wooden water slide that will offer a challenging adventure. In addition, it also features rope & swing platform that are incorporated around this blue hole. With 1000 vuv or AUD $ 12 or USD $ 9 entry fee, this place will give you unforgettable moment for your holiday.