Climbing Mount Tabwemasana, the Highest Mountain in Vanuatu

Mount Tabwemasana is the highest mountain in Vanuatu. Located in west coast Espiritu Santo, it highs 1878 meters. With that height, it is considered as one of the mountains highest in Pacific.

Tabwemasana is derived from local language that means mountain with 2 peaks & folk lore. It is believed that the 2 peaks are male & female and they embrace each other in the night. Besides its myth, this mountain becomes one of the most favorite places for climbers around the world. However, it will take about 3 or 4 days to climb it.

When Should You Go?

Vanuatu is a country that has consistent temperatures all the year. But you have to know the best time to climb mountain Tabwemasana. The best time is in the cooler months. It happens from June to August. In the wet season from November to April, it seems impossible because the river cannot be passed. Besides that, you also cannot track up this mountain.

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The Access of Climbing

In the first day, you start going from Luganville to Tasariki with a truck. After that, you will ride a boat to the coast to Kerepua. It may take around 3 hours. In Tasariki, you can find some foods and items to but such as sugar, salt, etc. You should buy what you need there.

In the second day, you should ride a boat from Tasariki to Kerepua. There is no alternative way except riding the boat. You will need to pay 1,500 vuv (Vanuatu’s currency) for the guide per day. Besides that, you will also need to pay 1,000 vuv to reach the summit. You can also skip the summit and you do not need to pay for it.

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After arriving, it is time to climb. You still need a guide for it and the cost is same. It will take around 5 hours from Kerepua to the campsite. You can do anything you want to feel fun but you should follow the rules there. In the night, you can enjoy the peaceful night there in the campsite. You can eatthe foods you bring or cook with the equipment you have.

Mount Tabwemasana track has not finished yet. In the morning, you should go to the summit. It will take around 5.5 hours. In this climbing trip, you have to make sure that you bring enough water and foods so that you will not be starving and thirsty. In the summit, you can see the beautiful view including the valley. Do not forget to take pictures so that your trip will be memorable and unforgettable.

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You can take a rest for a while before going back. After your tiredness goes away, you can go back, accompanied by the guide. Do not forget to come to rest if you feel tired. Before you go home or back to your country, you can go to other places near this mountain. You can also purchase some gifts from the local stores. It is an amazing 4-day trip.

Mount Tabwemasana is the highest mountain in Pasific. Located in west coast Espiritu Santo (Sanma Province), it highs 1878 meters (6161 feet).