Million Dollar Point: Wonderful Spots Under the Sea

Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 - Sanma

If you want to enjoy the beauty of underwater, Million Dollar Point can be a wonderful place to visit. It is located about 20 meters of water off the beach. It is addressed near Luganville in Espiritu Santo, Sanma Province, Vanuatu.

Its wonderful view makes this place is considered s one of the most beautiful undersea spots in the South Pacific Ocean. Second most popular dive spot after SS President Coolidge (for me :D). So, if you love diving, this place will be a perfect option to visit.

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What to See at Million Dollar Point

If you go diving around 20 or 25 meters at this place, you will find wreckage of reef that looks very gorgeous. You will never see this view at other places. Because the water is really clear, you can see around clearly. However, you have to make sure that you wear complete equipment of diving. However, the water will less clear if rain comes.

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Many trucks and tumble of the double wheel base of articulated trailers belong to one of the most popular Million Dollar Point spots. You will not believe in it before you yourself see this with your own eyes. This is real and there is nothing fake. Some of them stand almost vertically where the wheels are in the air. They seem like windmills.

Besides that, you will also find so many tracked vehicles under the sea over there. Sometimes, they are just such a jumble of twisted wreckages where they are difficult to differentiate the individual components and vehicles. Anyway, they are still just awesome. It feels like a dream and unbelievable.

One of the most amazing views of Million Dollar Point undersea is the existence of a fork lift. Near this spot, you can also find bits of reef that have started to grow up. They all look very gorgeous under the sea. You will also be amazed with a few soft corals with beautiful looks. Many underwater lichens will also be found there. They add the beauty of the underwater view.

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You have to be careful because there are fans & ferns. Even though they look beautiful, you cannot touch them because they can draw blood. Lots of reef fish also looks very chic. They include Hogfish that has unique appearance. Some other friendly and beautiful fishes can also be found at this spot. They will accost you under the sea.

You cannot skip visiting Dedele. It is a small inter-island trader. Apparently, it was scuttled here deliberately. This also becomes one of the most eye catching spots there. Then, soft corals that start sticking out also really amaze the divers. In addition, some wreckage on the sore merged with rock & coral sand also appear beautiful.

Some other beautiful views include forged engine parts, a mixture of shell, non-ferrous metals, remained stainless steels, and there are still many others. This spot also provides you tires that were dumped around 70 years ago. But you also must be aware because there is an electro / disco cam that always seem to exist in isolated places.