Millennium Cave Vanuatu – Challenging Trip for Unforgettable Adventure Experience

Wednesday, February 27th, 2019 - Sanma

Millennium Cave became the winner of Vanuatu Tourism Award in 2014. This is a cave that will give you one of the best experiences of outdoor adventure in Vanuatu. It is different from other common caves. This cave is more challenging. So, if you love adventure, you must try going adventure to this hidden cave in Vanuatu.

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Millennium Cave Tour

Location: Luganville, Espiritu Santo 862, Sanma Province, Vanuatu
Contact number: +678-547-0957 +678-595-8635 +678-374-27
Cost: 7,000 vuv (62 usd / 86 aud) per person
Additional tours (optional): green tour 1,000 vuv (9 usd / 12 aud), water lobster hunting tour 1,500 vuv (13 usd / 18 aud), blue pool swimming tour 1,500 vuv

The Adventure Trip of Millennium Cave

It challenges you to join a full day adventure. Millennium Cave adventure starts with off-road drive in 45 minutes from Luganville to Namble village, central south of Santo. After walking 20 minutes, you will get Vunaspef village. There, the tour guide will give a briefing and give you a life jacket & torch before continuing on.

The trip will be amazing. It comes in 4 parts. Besides trekking, there will also be caving, canyoning & swimming. Now, you should walk to the bush through narrow tracks, bamboo bridges & ladders. Then, you will find a rest point before the river. Here, your face will be painted by the guides with traditional symbols using local clay. This aims to make sure that you will pass the river & cave safely. That is their belief.

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You can continue climbing down to the cave. With high ceiling, you will see many nesting swallows & bats in the cave. The river runs along the way through this cave. It feels cool & refreshing if you climb on the rocks & wade.

After exiting this cave, you will find a beautiful spot for taking a rest. Surrounded by lush green jungle, it becomes one of the most beautiful Millennium Cave spots. You can get lunch or go swimming near the waterfall. Or you may want to take pictures with your camera.

It is time for canyoning portion. You can test your agility to climb the boulders with strategic hands & foot holds. Do not worry because the guides will always be near you. After that, you can relax for a while at Sarakarta River. This river has awesome scenery where there is a jungle around it. Here, you can play with waterfall or jump on the rocks.

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Then, you should return to Vinaspef village. You will enjoy tropical fruits, tea & coffee. You can also purchase local handcrafts for a gift. Considering the adventure above, this trip is not appropriate for kids. So, you cannot ask your children under 12 years old.

If you still want more, you can consider staying overnight in this village. Even more, you can take the Wild Food Tour in the next morning. Even though the adventure is not easy, the guides will make sure that you are safe. However, you also should keep in mind that you bring the needed equipment and also a packed lunch.

If you are interested in this adventure, you have to prepare your stamina because it takes all day from morning to the night. Even though you are busy with the trip, you cannot forget to take pictures especially at the beautiful spots.