Lonnoc Beach: A Perfect Place for Relaxing Vacation

In Vanuatu, there is a very beautiful beach named Lonnoc Beach (white sand beach). This beach is addressed in Santo North-East coast. This beach looks very natural because it is surrounded by rain forest. So, it does not only offer beautiful view but also peaceful nuance.

This amazing beach can be a perfect place to relax your body. With many facilities available around the beach, now it becomes a hit spot for vacation.

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The View of Lonnoc Beach

This beach is also well known as Lonnoc beach bungalow. It amazes so many tourists who visit this place with its beautiful views. One of the most interesting things is the coral sand.

Besides that, there are also many palm trees that make the area shaded. So, you can take a rest for a while after doing fun activities around the beach. This beach is also well known with its clear blue water. It makes the scenery more perfect to photograph.

In 2007, this beach was voted as the best island bungalow in Vanuatu. Considering the wonderful view, this is reasonable. So, it is also right if we say that this beach is like a paradise on earth. This is really a little tropical paradise. You can ask your family and other beloved people to visit this gorgeous place. So, your holiday will be really memorable.

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What to Do at Lonnoc Beach

Talking about Lonnoc beach activities, there are many interesting things that you can do there. One of the most favorite activities is canoeing. Besides that, there are also many tourists who love snorkeling. Turtle spotting will also be very exciting.

Then, you can also consider tours to the blue holes. Do not skip this chance! The villages & family farms around the beach will also bring you back to nature. And there are many cultural activities done around the beach at certain times.

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Facilities around Lonnoc Beach

If you dedicate your time to visit this beach, you will not be bored there. You also do not need to worry about the facilities because there are many facilities around the beach that meet the visitors.

You will find ocean bungalows family bungalows, dormitory, seafront bungalows and new honeymoon suite. This place is suitable for family vacation including with spouse, children, parents, etc. If you want to have meals and drinks, there are bar and restaurants near the beach to visit.

When visiting this beautiful beach, you should also explore the spots around it. In fact, you can find some other attractions ear this beach. One of them is Champagne Beach that is located around 1.2 km from this beach.

About 2.3 km, you will find Santo Heritage Tours. You can also consider visiting that place. If you want to visit Port Olry beach, you need to go around 12.2 km from this beach. Anyway, you should be able to use your holiday time well. You can visit this wonderful beach anytime you want whether it is in the morning, afternoon, or even evening.