How to Enjoy Vacation at Champagne Beach Vanuatu

Champagne Beach is one of the most popular spots in Vanuatu. Located near Velit Bay plantation, it becomes one of the most favorite destinations for many tourists to spend holiday.

This beach is well known with its blue green water that looks very beautiful. The blue green water also makes it look natural and brings peaceful nuance.

This beach also has wonderful scenery around it. Considering the beauty, it will be a good idea if you plan visiting this beach for your next vacation.

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Snorkeling at Champagne Beach

Do you love snorkeling? If you want to go snorkeling, this beach becomes a perfect place for you. You will feel the sensation to go snorkeling in blue green water. Of course it becomes a perfect experience of holiday.

Under the water, you will be able to see wonderful colorful aquatic creatures. So, you will feel amazed. The clear water makes you be able to see what everything under the sea. Anyway, Champagne Beach snorkeling becomes one of the most favorite activities to do there.

In the day, you can swim in the warm water. It is safe for swimming so that you do not need to worry to ask your children to go swimming or snorkeling there. In addition, there is also a special area for kids. You can let your kids to play around there. You and your family will be able to see colorful fish beneath the water surface.

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Other Interesting Activities at Champagne Beach

There are still many other Champagne Beach attractions. Many tourists play cricket & soccer on the sea sand. Of course, it is very fun and exciting. So, you can also join them to play those sports as you want. It will make you feel the time flies so fast because of the pleasure.

If you want to buy gifts, there are sarongs, t-shirts and other souvenirs that you can purchase at local vendors. If you feel tired, you can also take shelter. In fact, you will find many shacks that let you take a rest.

If you want to continue having fun, hiking jungle terrain will be rather challenging. Even though it will make you tired, you will not be disappointed because you can see exotic plants & animals around. You have to make sure that you bring water & foods so that you can pass the trip without thirst and hunger.

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Sunrise and Sunset at Champagne Beach

This beach can be considered as one of the most beautiful spots to enjoy sunrise and sunset. If you want to enjoy sunrise, you have to arrive there earlier in the morning.

In the afternoon, you can wait for a little bit longer to see the beautiful sunset. Even more, you can still stay there until night because this place is open all time & free to visit.

Visiting this beach will be satisfying. Near this beach, you can still continue your trip because there are many attractions around the beach such as Golden beach, Hog Harbor, and Lonnoc beach. However, it will be better to know the schedule first because the beach will be busy when ships are in port.